Who We Are

Mike Kirschner

Mike Kirschner, founder, President and Manager of DCA, is an environmental compliance and performance expert providing advice and expertise to manufacturers in a variety of industries. Mike is process-focused, yet brings a great depth of technical understanding of how technology, product development, manufacturing and the supply chain work and interact that informs his insights, giving his clients the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.

Mike was a member of the California EPA Department of Toxic Substance Control's original Green Ribbon Science Panel, which advised on development of the Safer Consumer Products Regulations. Mike is currently serving on the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Governing Board and is co-moderator of the ANSI Chemicals Network. New for 2016, Mike is now a member of the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for IEC Technical Committee TC 111. TC111 focuses on environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems. Mike has participated in development and maintenance of EPEAT standards IEEE-1680.1, IEEE-1680.2, and IEEE-1680.3, as well as the NSF-426 server standard activity to a very limited extent.

Mike authored one chapter and co-authored another in Wiley's "Governance, Risk, and Compliance Handbook" and was featured in Mark Schapiro's book "Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power". Prior to founding DCA, Mike spent 20 years in engineering and engineering management roles in the electronics industry at manufacturers including Intel and Compaq.

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